the original M O I S T U R E W A V E

blue and black and white art and paintings

Time for Crab

a fun sketch of the Many Armed

Ad Reinhardt, Untitled, from the portfolio Ten Screenprints, 1966,

Joseph Schillinger, Blue Gray Violet Wheel (from series, the Mathematical Basis of the Arts), ca. 1934,

Ad Reinhardt, Untitled, from the portfolio Ten Screenprints, 1966

Alexander Peter Russo, Night Curtain, 1967,

Joseph Schillinger, Key Blue (from series, the Mathematical Basis of the Arts), ca. 1934, 

Sea slugs(II)

Sea slugs(I)

Sean Scully, Untitled (print # 4), from the portfolio Ten Towers, 1999, aquatint, spit bite and sugarlift on paper

Barnett Newman, The Moment, from the portfolio Four on Plexiglas, 1965-1966/published 1966, color screenprint on plexiglas mounted on paperboard with wooden strainer support,

Rafael Soriano, Candor de la Alborada (Candor of Dawn), 1994, 

James F. Dicke II, Untitled #21, 2009